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Information for Portland, OR

Information for Portland, OR

Regular Venues

  • Viscount Dance Studios - A dance studio in Portland, OR for tango, swing and salsa. - Google Map (503) 226-3262
  • Euphoria Studios - Google Map
  • Tango Berretx00EDn - Google Map
  • Nocturnal - A fun, funky place where Portland's regular Wednesday night alternative milonga happens. They also have Swing and Salsa nights. - Google Map
  • Paradise Ballroom - Google Map
  • Northstar Ballroom - Google Map

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  • Jay Rabe
  • Alex Krebs
  • Robert Hauk


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    Assorted Links

  • Clay's Dance Studio - Originally in Beaverton, OR, Clay is now in Seattle, WA. He is the creator of Portland's two biggest events: October TangoFest, and ValenTango.
  • Bill's Portland Area Tango Page - Describes all the different classes, practicas and milonga's that happen in Portland, OR every week.
  • Tango Berretin - Alex Kreb's tango web site. Alex is a renowned tango teacher from Portland, OR, who teaches all over the world.
  • Project tango -